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Psychic readings

I offer a number of different kinds of psychic readings.

Standard reading

The standard reading involves Tarot and my intuition – what I can pick up. It can be either ‘cold’ reading, where you give me no clue about who you are, what you want or what you’re thinking, a good way to test whether we are in sync or not if you are looking for a regular reader, or a more specific one, where you ask advice on a specific situation or something that troubles your mind, such as “why do I keep doing this” or “why is it that I cannot get myself to do that”.

Tarot and Personality Photo Reading

Combined with the above, I can give you a personality reading based on your photo; hidden talents, wishes, clues about who you are authentically or what you should be – something that can be obvious when I say it out loud, but what you haven’t even given a thought (since you were a child). This reading type is great for kick starting personal discovery and reclaiming your authentic self.

Tarot and Soulmate Matching

Combined with the above readings, Tarot and soulmate reading delves into the ever so intriguing world of love and relationships and gives you a better clue about who you are compatible with. This reading requires photos of both yourself and your suspected soulmates. If there seems not to be a good match in the people you are thinking about, I’ll try and see where your soulmate(s) are hiding and what are they waiting for.

Soulmate Matching by photos

This reading is removing the Tarot from the centre stage and I will simply look into your compatibility with a person you are thinking about (or even persons) based on your photos. This reading should give you confidence when you cannot quite tell whether or not you should trust your feelings or whether you are just forcing matters with someone you like.

Tarot, Past lives and soulmates

Sending photos are recommended but not required, as this reading type is aimed to uncovering why you may have such hard time dealing with your relationships in this life time. As our social situations change, so do our problems, and once thriving past life relationship may be difficult to rekindle in this life time due to social and cultural pressures. Let’s figure out what to do about it.

Reading type

A reading is considered complete when the original questions and 1-2 clarifying questions have been answered.

About me

I am a clairaudient and clairvoyant psychic empath and intuitive, certified life coach, spiritual theorist and a spiritual teacher. I study the human mind and life from all of it's perspectives, but primarily through soulmate connections, love and sexuality and uncovering people's true selves; the sin and virtue, the combination of their light and dark and the unique forms they take.

I am the originator of the Free Spirit Theory and Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology and am currently taking a break from blogging in order to put together something about my favorite topics; soulmates, sexuality, gender bias against men, soul ages and past lives... It's going to take me a while. In the mean time, please don't hesitate to ask for personal guidance.

Word of caution: Just like many (most/all) psychics / twin flames would be, if they would ask, I have received a diagnosis of a psychosis based on the fact that I communicate with people that are not physically present, ie. "voices". :) It is, to me, a matter of opinion how you take it, but I feel obligated to share that information.


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